mardi 18 décembre 2018

Chinglish practice 中式英语实战练习

Chinglish textbook 别笑,我就说中式英语

1 三思而后行!Think Three Times Before You Act!
2 没门!(不行!不可能!)No Door!
3 挥金如土Spend Money Like Dirt
4 三个和尚没水喝Three Monks Have No Drinking Water
5 萝卜白菜各有所爱Some Prefer Radish but Others Prefer Cabbage
6 你不鸟我,我也不鸟你!You Don’t Bird Me,I Don’t Bird YOU!
7 你有种,我要给你点颜色瞧瞧!You Have Seed,I Will Give You Some Colour to See See!
8 怎么是你?怎么老是你?How Are You?How Old Are You?
9 你给我站住!You Give Me Stop!
10 你问我。我问谁?You Ask Me,I Ask Who?
11 咱哥俩谁跟谁啊!We Brothers Two,Who and Who!
12 我属猪I Am Pig
13 王老五Wang Old Five
14 好久不见Long Time No See
15 人山人海People Mountain People Sea
16 鸡毛蒜皮Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin
17 色狼Colour Wolf
18 好好学习,天天向上Good Good Study,Day Day Up
19 宁做鸡头不做凤尾Better Be the Head of a Cock Than the Tail of a Phoenix
20 风花雪月wind Flower Snow Moon
21 你满面红光Your Face Is All Red
22 马马虎虎Horse Horse Tiger Tiger,
23 东施效颦Dongshi Imitates Xishi
24 班门弄斧Play an Axe Before Lu Ban
25 朝三暮四Morning Three Night Four
26 对牛弹琴Play Cittern for an Ox
27 铁饭碗Iron Rice Bowl
28 你有两下子You Have Two Down Son
29 芬达The Fragrance Reaches
30 麻辣烫Numb Spicy Hot
31 高素质High Quality
32 炒鱿鱼Stir—Fried Squid
33 雷人Thunder Person
34 有多远死多远As Far as You Go to Die
35 对公业务To Male Service
36 恭喜发财Congratulation to Make Money
37 虎父无犬子Tiger Has No Dog Son
38 拍老师马屁Pat Teacher’S Ass
39 二把手Second Hand
40 金盆洗手Gold Basin Washes My Hand
4l 单号,双号Single Number,Double Number
42 我要闪了I Have to Flash
43 二百五Two Hundred and Fifty—Five
44 隐形眼镜Invisible Glasses
45 要钱没有,要命一条!Want Money No,Want Life One 1
46 不三不四No Three No Four
47 虎头蛇尾Tiger Head Snake Tail
48 开门见山Open Door See Mountain
49 知之为知之,不知为不知Know Is Know.No Know Is No Know···-··
50 加油Add Oil
51 不管三七二十一No Care Three Seven Two Ten One
52 你完蛋了Your Eggs Are Finished
53 二锅头Small Two Pots of Heads
54 哪里哪里Where Where
55 彼此彼此You Me You Me
56 走着瞧Go and Look
57 杀一儆百Kill One Warn Hundred
58 下海Go out to Sea
59 表妹Watch Sister
60 开夜车Drive the Night Car
61 夜猫子Night Cat
62 傻瓜Stupid Melon
63 童子鸡Chicken Without Sexual Life
64 夫妻肺片Husband and Wife Lung Slice
65 四喜丸子Four Happy Meatballs
66 面试Face Try
67 弱势群体Weak Group
68 嘴硬Hard Mouth
69 布衣素食To Wear Cotton Clothes and Eat Vegetables
70 拿铁咖啡Iron Coffee
71 红眼病Red Eye Disease
72 没钱免谈No Money,No Talk
73 如果你被偷,请及时与警察联系If You Are Stolen.Call the Police at Once
74 我们正在谈恋爱We Are Talking Love
75 海干货The Sea Fucks Goods=Fucks Goods
76 月下老人An Old Man Under the Moon
77 请勿忘记随身物品Don’t Forget Your Thing
78 五花八门Five Flowers Eight Doors
79 小吃Small Food
80 铁公鸡Iron Cock
81 美中不足American Chinese Not Enough
82 小草有生命,足下请留情Little Grass Has Life,Please Watch Your Step
83 奇异果汁Strange Juice
84 小心地滑Be Careful of Landslide
85 在此盥洗台请勿洗发或洗衣No Washing Hair or Clothes in the Toilet Please
86 走过路过不要错过Go Past,No Mistake Past
87 拈花惹草Play With Flowers and Grass
88 关系Guanxi
89 早恋Early Love
90 我的天哪!My Sky!
91 火大Fire Big
92 投诉电话Complaining Telephone
93 航空餐Airline Pulp
94 成人用品Become Person’S Thing
95 小心碰头Mind Your Crotch
96 山寨Shanzhai
97 站票Standing Ticket
98 欢迎光临Welcome to Presence
99 懒虫Lazy Worm
100 有事启奏,无事退朝!If You Have Something to Say,Then Say!If You Have Nothing to Say,Go Home!