samedi 29 juin 2013

Musique traditionnelle 中国音乐 简介【第一辑】

En solo/独奏篇

弹拨乐器之一:琴。Qin, cithare.
呂培原《流水》, guqin master Pui-Yuen Lui "Flowing Waters"

弹拨乐器之二:琵琶。Pipa, luth.
刘德海《塞上曲》,Pipa solos by master LIU Dehai, "The song of frontier"

弹拨乐器之三:筝。Zheng, cithare.
王中山《渔舟唱晚》,by Wang Zhongshan, "Fishermen's Song at Eventide" 

拉弦乐器代表:二胡。Erhu, vièle à 2 cordes.
闵惠芬《二泉映月》 ,Erhu by MIN Huifen, "The Moon Mirrored in the Pool"


吹管乐器之一:笛。di, flûte traversière.
陆春龄《鹧鸪飞》,by Lu Chunling,  "The Flying Partridges"

吹管乐器之二:箫。xiao, flûte verticale.
张维良《秋江夜泊》,by Zhang Weiliang, "Riverside Mooring in Autumn Night" 

李光才《百鸟朝凤》, Suona Solo by Li Guangcai, "A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix", Accompaniment by China Central Chinese Orchestra

吹管乐器之四:笙。sheng, orgue à bouche.
聂俊《晋调》,by NIE Jun, "Jin tone"

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