samedi 6 juillet 2013

Musique traditionnelle 中国音乐 简介【第二辑】


现代民乐团/Orchestre moderne 《瑶族舞曲》,指挥:彭修文
Orchestral "Dance of the Yao Tribe", Composed by Mao Yuan & Liu Tie Shan
Arranged by Peng Xiu Wen, China Central Chinese Orchestra conducted by Peng Xiu Wen

江南丝竹 Ensemble Jiangnan cordes et bambou

《紫竹调》,"Purple Bamboo Melody"

《行街》 (笛子:陆春龄 "Playing along the Street"  (Dizi by Lu Chunling)

广东音乐 Guangdong ensemble

《平湖秋月》(高胡:宋飞) "Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake" (Gaohu soprano by Song Fei)

潮州大锣鼓 Chaozhou percussions
将军令》  "General's Order"

潮州弦诗乐 Chaozhou cordes et poèmes
《浪淘沙》 "Waves Washing the Sand"

Et le plus ancien orchestre de tous: bianzhong, les carillons, devinez lesquels!

                                                              Bienvenue chez ...

The Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng (曾侯乙编钟 Zēnghóuyǐ Biānzhōng), or Zenghouyi Bells, were bianzhong unearthed in 1978 in the Zeng-hou-yi Tomb in Sui County, Hubei Province, China. The bianzhong were made in 433 B.C..

曲艺大概不能算在纯粹的音乐领域,但是在中国,艺术门类都是融为一体的。 En Chine, l'art de la scène devrait être un art total comprenant le chant, la déclamation, la musique instrumentale, et le jeu, voire même l'acrobatie...

泉州南音 Fujian Nanyin
直入花园》,"Into the garden"

苏州评弹 Suzhou Pingtan
《秋思》 Ballad-Autumn Lament

京韵大鼓 story-telling in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment 
骆玉笙 《重整河山待后生》 by Luo Yusheng 

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